16 MHz 1.5V booster on STm

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16 MHz 1.5V booster on STm

Post by nemox »

I have 520STm with install "ATBUS TOS CARD" from HARD&SOFT(this is IDE card with TOS 2.06) and question is, how to create the CE pin for the booster 16Mhz V1.5

"Disconnect the CE wire to the TOS board and try again see if that helps..."

I do not have a booster card installed yet, and i do not have your TOS board.
My question is, how to create the CE pin on 520 STm with "ATBUS TOS CARD".

On the 520STm without ATBUS TOS CARD - I know how to create a CE point.(from HI ROM over diode..), but on the "ATBUS TOS CARD" is TOS 2.06 in two chips and i can switch between the TOS from motherboard and TOS from "ATBUS TOS CARD"

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Re: 16 MHz 1.5V booster on STm

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I don't know of that board, but it would have to have 120ns ROM speed or faster to work with the booster for starters.
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