Noswaith dda from South Wales!

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Noswaith dda from South Wales!

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I found this site last year when I dug out my Atari STe from my mother's loft where it had languished for at least a decade and a half, but it's only recently I realised there was a forum!

I had my STe for Christmas in 1989 and I'm proud to say that it still works to this day - complete with the 4MB of RAM that it was upgraded to in the mid 90s! Sadly none of my floppy discs seem to have survived the repeated house moves, and it seems my lovely old Philips monitor (might have been the CM8833-II...?) is long gone...

I bought a joystick, USB mouse adaptor, and floppy drive emulator early last year, but I only started using my Atari properly again when I picked up a B&O MX6000 CRT TV at the weekend (a grand total of £10 got me the TV, the motorised stand, and the BeoLink 1000 remote!). Re-living some of these games on the original hardware, on a CRT TV, is an experience that no emulator or LCD/plasma TV can reproduce!

Bit hard to see in this light, but it's currently running a RAM test with YAART - so far it's up to pass #5 with no errors:

5i4PQsQ.jpeg (324.42 KiB) Viewed 561 times

The only mod I'm really looking at right now is the 1.62/2.06 TOS switcher upgrade, and a re-capping of the power supply (or a complete PSU replacement if the 240V models come back into stock ;)). The keyboard needs a bit of love - there are two missing keys with damaged stems, and I really need to get in there and clean it (tbh the whole machine needs a clean!). The nerd in me really wants some kind of CPU boost/add-on and/or an UltraSatan, but the realist in me is struggling to find the utility of such devices!

Anyway, doubtless I will have lots of questions, so for now I'm just going to have a poke around the forum!
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Re: Noswaith dda from South Wales!

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There are lots of good advice and info on this forum :) Glad to see your machine looks to be working good! :dualthumbup: All my hardware guides - mods - games - STOS - All my hardware mods for sale - Please help support by making a purchase.
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