Hi from Norway

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Hi from Norway

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I'm a collector / user from Norway. I grew up with the Commodore Vic 20 and 64 (father used for accounting) and Bought a Amiga 500 as my first computer. My dad transitioned to Pc and once Commodore gave up I went there myself too. However, I was extremely fond of computers back in the day. I read every magazine a lot of times and knew a lot about the different models so when I got space I started to collect the computers and consoles I wished I'd had the pleasure to use. Started with a Atari 2600, then later a Atari 800xl. When it came time for the Atari 16 bit I opted for an STe. However, that have never been running because of a dead PSU. I've long planned to mend it but realized I'd rather upgrade the psu thus ending here at Exxos. I also grabbed a CosmoEx when they were available so that awaits when I get the computer running.

I have about 20 machines set up and 30 ish on rotation (space constraints, So when I want to tinker with my Dragon 64 I could put my Spectrum+ in a box and put the dragon in its space instead etc). I focus on the popular micros and also have a collection of laptops. In particular the early age since they are the most fun ones. They are set up using matrix switches so I got about seven monitors to switch between, mostly because I can and not because I need.

Also collects programming manuals. I plan to do a history webpage and youtube channel like everyone else at one point just to have an excuse to use them and to share my love of old computers. ;)
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Re: Hi from Norway

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Welcome here, you came to the right place :)

You seem to have a large collection, would love to hear/read/see more from it :)
Ingo :geek:

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