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FALCON HARDWARE MODIFICATIONS as described on p. App 1-24 in the Cubase Audio Falcon manual

To remove the bass boost on the output:
Change C58 and C59 from 100PF to 1000PF.
Change R123 anr R130 from 10K to 15K.
Change R59 and R68 from 100K to 4.7K.
Change C95 and C90 from 0.033yF to 1K Resistor.

To reduce the speaker amplifier gain:
Add a 100K resistor between pin 2 of U21 (@R119) and AGND (@R111).

To reduce the Input Gain by 6dB:
Remove R56, R57, R90, R92, C21 and C81.
Change R66 and R87 from 100K to 47K. (+) See note below!
Add a 470pF NPO +/- 5% in parallel with R67.
Add a 470pF NPO +/-5% in parallel with R88.
Add a 100pF NPO +/-5% in parallel with R66.
Add a 100pF NPO +/-5% in parallel with R87.

(+) [This is where Sven Bornemarks mod differs: this line should read: Change R66 and R87 from 100K to 1.8K. By doing so you end up with a sensivity of approx. -10dB, same as most domestic HiFi gear]
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