Better late than sorry

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Better late than sorry

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Well, actually, sorry anyway because I forgot to introduce myself.

I'm a note-quite-old atarian sice I started in 1989 with an Atari STF that I sold to buy the then new Atari STE. Before that I started to code on Apple II in Basic in ~1983 (I was 7 then). I did a lot of never released stuff in the early 90s and than I switched to Mac in the middle of the 90s and to PC a few years later. I always kept my good old STE and I even bought a Mega STE a few years ago. Now I just code on ST for fun, not for competition or anything else :)

In any case I was never into competition on Atari, even back in the early 90s I was in a demogroup with Amiga & CPC coders and we exchanged source code and tricks and tips. Never felt a real competition between us or between platforms :)

My dz page is
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