Hi from the US!

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Hi from the US!

Post by stesearcher »

Hello Everyone!

I'm John from Alabama here in the US. I've had Atari computers since around 1982 when I bought an 800XL on sale from Sears. I eventually bought an STE. Most of my friends had ST's and when they all eventually moved on to the PC, I wound up with most of them. I purchased a MEGA STE a number of years ago as well as a Falcon. I don't get to spend much time playing with them these days. I have the terrible habit of buying add-ons for them.

It's great to see the platform is still alive and well.

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Re: Hi from the US!

Post by IngoQ »

Welcome, John :)
stesearcher wrote: Sun Nov 12, 2017 1:27 pm It's great to see the platform is still alive and well.
Of all things I discovered when I got back into the old systems of earlier days, this was the one thing that astounded me the most: That there still was a community, that is was alive and sometimes even growing and how active it was. Who would have thought, that in many cases finding spares and expansions today over 30 years later is simpler than back then...
Ingo :geek:

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Re: Hi from the US!

Post by Bikerbob »

Hey John, sounds like your doing much of what I am .

Do you consider yourself a collector? Sounds like your more just a hardware gadget guy.. I am a bit of that myself, especially if I have to install and solder a couple of things :)
Tell us about some of the extra STUFF you have collected.. or some of the setups you have?

One thing I like about this online community is there is a group that appreciates what you have, and usually if you need to whittle down the shed, you can find people here that will buy and trade and help you get the stuff in good hands.. I am a father but OMG the disposable mentality of kids these days?? These computers would be long gone if it had all happened 30 years later..

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