FOR SALE or Trade: Misc Atari ST Key Caps

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FOR SALE or Trade: Misc Atari ST Key Caps

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So I had a mishap cleaning my Atari ST Key Caps, very disheartening actually! Apparently they start to melt at around 120F, which is household hot tap water temperatures around here with dish soap. I have done this before with other keycaps, letting them soak in hot soapy water in a closed tupperware container.

Long story short, they seem to start to shrink and warp around the spot where the injection molding happens, I assume a weak spot.

10% are shot, 90% are ok to use, with maybe 15% no visible damage. What is on the keyboard, other than "k" is in good shape and not noticeable when installed. The ones missing, not usable.

I am not going to ask 15 dollars a key plus shipping like the scalpers on ebay.

If anyone wants to trade what I have for somthing retro related, or interested in individual keys, please make me an offer plus shipping.

I am in the USA.
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