Atari Falcon 030 Board mysteries

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Atari Falcon 030 Board mysteries

Post by gordon.walker »

Hello everyone, My first post here. I recently brought a Atari Falcon 030 from eBay as spare or repairs. All good so far as it powers up and runs as it should.

I decided today to take it a part and give is a clean as a warranty stick coving one of the screes was dated 1997. Boy did it need a clean. So one I got down to the main board, i noticed a load of wires going to different points across the board. I think I have managed to work out what most of it does, but i just want to be sure what it is and how it works.
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Re: Atari Falcon 030 Board mysteries

Post by exxos »

Likely some form of bus speeder. I don't know which one there are loads of them which people have done over the years.

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Re: Atari Falcon 030 Board mysteries

Post by mikro »

It's PowerUp 2 (CPU @ 32 MHz) + basic clock patch.
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