Fire And Brimstone

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Fire And Brimstone

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Atari ST Fire And Brimstone.png
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Firebird released Fire And Brimstone back in 1990 and is one of the most visually stunning platformers I have ever seen. Your adventure takes place within a fantasy world of Norse mythology as the mighty Thor whom must battle with the forces of Hel. She has escaped and spread her lust for evil over the once peaceful Nordic lands with her minions creating much havoc so it's up us to clean up this hellish infestation and get home in time for tea.

Surely this is one of the hardest ST games ever? Well, it is for me!! But seriously, this is such an awesome game also and definitely requires a committed game (lol you will be). Yup, it's another I play with a trainer enabled I'm ashamed to admit (but I still love it).
What about choo guys?

Web page review / downloads =
Very sucky video recording =
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Re: Fire And Brimstone

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Wow, never heard of it but looks amazing.
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Re: Fire And Brimstone

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Getting a serious Ghouls 'n Ghosts/Ghosts 'n Goblins vibe from this, even some of those graphics/animations look very similar. :lol:
What a find I loved them games so will give this a go, after Ultima upsets me :lol:
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