mfro - who the heck is that?

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mfro - who the heck is that?

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Hello everybody.

My name is Markus, I live in Stuttgart (SW Germany) - for those that do not know: this is where Mercedes' and Porsches, but also fine red wines are made.

Atari? I guess you can't get away from it anymore once you wrote a 300+ pages thesis with Lindner TeX on a TT ;) .

This addiction sometimes leads to "fits of productivity" like this and this, interrupted by seasons of laziness, just talking nonsense on forums.

I still have my beloved TT, a Suska, a FireBee, FreeScale 5475 eval board running MiNT and and a Mega ST. All of them running EmuTOS, of course.
And remember: Beethoven wrote his first symphony in C.
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Re: mfro - who the heck is that?

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