Good evening

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Good evening

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Hello from Leeds.
I recently bought an STE from eBay and have done it up. In fact I've got two, both now working and keeping one as a spare. Both are 4Mb and the main machine has an ultrasatan attached (I see that the author of the driver is a regular contributor here). Other sundries are attached i.e. second floppy and USB mouse adapter. Display is via RGB to SCART.

The machines are to reacquaint myself with the STE after an hiatus of 30 years. At that time I used an STE regularly to develop C code for examining proteins. I also wrote, in assembler, a program that displayed 3D line-drawing representations of proteins which could be smoothly rotated in real time. You had to be wearing LCD specs, of course, which alternately blanked out the eyes, synched to the vertical display rate. It could handle over 2000 atoms without struggling. I also wrote some programs for the forensic analysis of human sweat. It turns out that sweat can be used as a fingerprint. There was some suggestion last year that it could be used as a security measure for mobile phones. I'm currently putting the finishing touches to a version of FORTH, again in assembler.

But, most importantly, it's been good to play Lemmings again after such a long time.
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Re: Good evening

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