TT stock benchmarks

Benchmark screenshots for various boosters & machines.
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Re: TT stock benchmarks

Post by stephen_usher »

Memspeed is saying:

READ 30.1 17.3 17.3
WRITE 20.0 20.0 20.0

All three jumpers are set.
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Re: TT stock benchmarks

Post by rpineau »

Working ones : MegaSTE (68020) / TT030 / Falcon with AB040 & Eclipse / 1040STF
Need testing : Falcon with CT2
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Re: TT stock benchmarks

Post by Icky »

Hi Steve

Interesting issue. I have not seen that personally with my Mach64 but I guess it could be me not paying attention.

One thought - I wonder if the VME fix to save 1 clock cycle per transfer would improve this?

Atarian Computing has a good guide on this ... keitfaster

I haven't plucked up the courage to tackle the fix on my TT yet as its a bit precious to me and I need a lot of spare time to make sure I get it right and time is a rare commodity :)
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Re: TT stock benchmarks

Post by Steve »

Thanks for the advice, but I think my TT already has that done. I don't know if you run Mint, but a good test is to see how fast the xaaes/teradesk desktop comes up. In 16bit colour it takes about 30 seconds for the desktop to appear, in 256 colours its instantaneous.
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