Connecting Atari to my HDTV

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Connecting Atari to my HDTV

Post by Kal-Eb »

Hey folks! So pumped because while doing some spring cleaning, my wife and I found my old Atari! What's better is I found Empire Strikes Back!! Never beat that game, just remember the big camel AT-ATs. Lol! Pretty sure it still works because I plugged it in and the power light came on. It's just dusty as hell! Now all I need to figure out is how to hook it up to my TV that has hdmi ports. First, the atari uses RCA cables right? Not sure the model but it has partial wood finish on it. Next, a friend told me I would need some kind of rca to hdmi converter and showed me ... exPro.html. This one is about $100, is that reasonable? I've seen a bunch of cheaper options on amazon for like $15! Are the cheap ones any good?

Well, thanks for any help guys. May the Force be with you!
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Re: Connecting Atari to my HDTV

Post by exxos »

Sounds like your talking about the 2600 console here ? It outputs RF by default. Though there are Svideo kits (I am developing one myself) though there are ready-made solutions. So likely you will need a Svideo to HDMI box after modding the 2600.

Not many people have documented such things.. so whichever you go for, please share your experiences with us! All my hardware guides - mods - games - STOS - All my hardware mods for sale - Please help support by making a purchase.
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