FRAM 8MB Upgrade Alternate Ram ...

Upgrade your RAM from ST to Falcon.
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Re: FRAM 8MB Upgrade Alternate Ram ...

Post by rpineau »

We all love the Atari, some of us can design and build but we also have personal life.. which put the Atari stuff on the back burner (like my 68020/68030 STE/MSTE card).
Yes we do know how to do some of these thing but just don't have enough time to work on these. Add to this that I also have another hobby that takes a lot of my time and the Atari projects end up at the back of the queue.
It's not that we don't want to do it, just not enough hours in a day to do everything we have to do (family first, then work .. that pays the bills, then if there is time left .. hobbies).
Working ones : MegaSTE (68020) / TT030 / Falcon with AB040 & Eclipse / 1040STF
Need testing : Falcon with CT2
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Re: FRAM 8MB Upgrade Alternate Ram ...

Post by Bikerbob »

Totally understand guys!!

My frustration is not being able to get something to fix up my hobby machine so that I can play with the extra special toys that I want to play with.


No issues with either of you guys.. I totally support everything you have done.. and will wait (I guess not as patiently as could be hoped) that I will get something.. That was what I was thinking with this magnum board.

IF I can get a PCB .. this would be PRE-SMD .. which is good for my skill level. It gives me the memory.. which is my primary desire (booster is super cool but memory first).

I still want to try and produce one of those boosters your working on rpineau.. and I understand life.. I am self employed etc.. SO I wait :)

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