My new USB microscope.

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Re: My new USB microscope.

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I have one of those magnifying tools you can put on your head with a light in it. Works for me, I do SMD soldering with it.
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Re: My new USB microscope.

Post by Smonson »

I just bought one of those Chinese $25AUD USB microscope off eBay, not expecting much, if anything at all. But the picture quality is pretty decent for the price! It looks a lot better "live" than this single frame due to the fact that it's sending video with a good frame rate. Of course, not comparable with Exxos', but a heck of a lot cheaper.

Everything else apart from the picture quality is terrible.
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Re: My new USB microscope.

Post by Axnfell »

Ive used the Andonstar ADSM201 HDMI for a few years now, they are really good, mine sadly died a few weeks back and have just ordered the Andonstar ADSM302 from Banggood, hoping it will be just as good as the old model.

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