TF534 - 68030 + More RAM Board (More compatible with amiga hardware)

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Re: CDRom??

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What would be needed for minimalist setup.

Device driver :
scsi.device wich supports CD drives. That would be OS3.5/9, or OS 3.1.4 scsi.device

scsi.device would need to be loaded with loadmodule command as there is (most likely) a scsi.device wich DOES NOT support CD drives in kickstart.

CD filesystem
OS3.5/9 has a cachecdfs
OS3.1.4 has cdfilesystem
other options from

Mount list for CD drive
Sytem:devs/dosdrivers drawer so that would automount always when OS start. You might need to manyally modify it and then remember Device driver name is case sensitive!

What else?

My CD drive is jumppered to slave and hd to master.
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Re: CDRom??

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The Tf cards use PIO mode 0 when running in chipram/rom and produce a rough PIO mode 2 in fastram. Many drives just won’t work in this rough PIO mode 2
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