Viking board on Mega,ST

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Re: Viking board on Mega,ST

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frank.lukas wrote: Sat Sep 21, 2019 10:59 am I put an ECL->VGA Adapter on the Viking card and use my NEC Multisync LCD with it. The Viking card must be have an -9V external PowerSupply to work.
So Frank I have this with the card ... &id_lang=2

it requires power.. but then somewhere on the power bus of the card I need to get in -9v ? as well.

Then it could work.. I know a couple of people with TT monitors.. might be the way to go to pass it on to them.

I am looking at a PAK68 system (all boards) for this machine I think.

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Re: Viking board on Mega,ST

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All ECL cards for the Atari Mega ST Bus becomes -9V from the ECL Monitor. A Atari SM194 provide -9V to the Viking card. Because the Mega ST have only +5V and +12V and the -12V from a DC/DC Converter have not enough power. The ECL Chips on the Viking card need the -9V to work. The ECL Chips work with +5V and -5,1V.
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