Component price increases

TF328 - RAM + IDE CD32 Board

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Component price increases

Post by alenppc »

Just a heads up. I noticed that Mouser has increased their price of MCA connectors by about 50%, the CF card adapters have also gone up in price in China, plus there were various other minor increases such as CPLD costs by Digikey.

This means I will probably have to slightly raise the price of sets sold on Amibay as a result once I have to restock. Sorry guys...
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Re: Component price increases

Post by exxos »

I've noticed China prices sky-rocket over the past few months. Some chips went from like £1-£2 to £8-£15.. I've been buying stocks of stuff before it gets any worse. All my hardware guides - mods - games - STOS - All my hardware mods for sale - Please help support by making a purchase.
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Re: Component price increases

Post by terriblefire »

I tend to avoid china for chips. Sockets yes. They cant screw those up.

If i thought there was a massive market for them i'd buy a batch of the AMP connectors. But i've not broken even on the KEL connectors yet. The prices of those have plummeted due to me. If I was a "bar steward" i'd withdraw them from sale and sit on the remaining stock for year or two.
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Re: Component price increases

Post by brostenen »

After they instated VAT and import fee on purchases no matter what price, then I have stopped buying anything from outside the EU. I was lucky to get the last bit's and pieces for my ATX-64 build, 14 days or so, before the VAT and import fee were instated fully.
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