Hi from tfhh

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Hi from tfhh

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Hi all,

it´s Jurgen (or for those who like "Umlauts": Jürgen) or tfhh writing here. Found this nice place while searching for the manuals for parts I´ve to solder in for another german ABBUC member.

I´m active for the ABBUC (german 8-Bit computer club) and doing repairs & service for all things they have "ATARI" on it. At the beginning of my payed worktime I was hired for one of the biggest Atari dealer in Hamburg, Germany at the end of the 80s, doing repairs and service of the Atari ST family (and some Acorn Archimedes, but this machines were not really good placed in the german market). Later I change to standard PC service and since 12 years I work for a telecommunication company.

My first and last love is the Atari 8-Bit family. I´ve make several expansions up to complete replacement cards, writing drivers and some stuff more. In the 90s I loved also to work with the ST family, but after 1994 I left Atari completely to switch to PC usage only. In 2007 I return to the world of Atari, but most time 8-Bit.

During my Atari ST years I tinkered around mostly with GfA-Basic and machine code language. My greatest project, the Madness Mailbox-System (a BBS program) was well known in germany. Today I´m a little bit sad that I left the whole Atari scene this time, but that´s the past.

The lot of stuff here made by Exxos looks good and I´m thinking about re-animate my ST usage. I´m a "pure fan". TOS, only TOS. No Mint. No Linux or other things. If I want Linux, I take a PC. Or a Mac. Or a Raspberry Pi. Regarding this fact I´m not giving an inch.

Have fun!

Best regards, Jurgen
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Re: Hi from tfhh

Post by IngoQ »

Welcome to this nice and geeky part if the internet ;)

You surely bring in a lot of experience, and maybe I can sneak in an 8bit topic, when exxos isn't looking :-P
Ingo :geek:

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Re: Hi from tfhh

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I have to say I am a TOS guy myself, I'm a "no fuss" keep it simple kinda guy ;)
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