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Re: Terriblefire Accelerators

Post by kludge »

Forgottenmyname wrote: Mon Feb 11, 2019 5:18 pm Top man for your efforts either way.
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Re: Terriblefire Accelerators

Post by IngoQ »

Sometimes when reading this, I find it hard to figure out, what drives you guys forward and not be frustrated all the time... And I believe the more "mainstream" retro computing goes, the more idiots are there who not only lack the knowledge but also basic manners.

It seems so hard to get, that these projects are in no way a finished product that comes with a warranty. And they never will be. You have to be willing to commit to it, and do a lot of work yourselves. Even if you just have a stock machine, you have to be able to maintain and repair it, otherwise stick with emulation. If you collect oldtimers, you basically have to be a mechanic, same with old computers.

So to sum it up: I am really grateful and impressed by all these projects! And when starting with the idea "I want to collect old computers" I never would have thought, that there is sooo much new stuff to discover, and so many brilliant guys still working on new projects.

Thanks for keeping this hobby exciting!
Ingo :geek:

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Re: Terriblefire Accelerators

Post by PaulJ »

I'd like to second all IngoQ said. Appreciate the effort you guys put in and deal with malcontents.
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Re: Terriblefire Accelerators

Post by terriblefire »

I thought i'd get into the spirit of teaser trailer season...

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Re: Terriblefire Accelerators

Post by exxos »

:lolbig: :bravo: :cheers: :goodpost:
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Re: Terriblefire Accelerators

Post by chucky »

Whooohoo ;)
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Re: Terriblefire Accelerators

Post by renster72 »

Just wondering if anyone has had issues with freezing in games after re-capping CD32 motherboard? the 2 capacitors that were round the wrong way were replaced in the correct way. seems much better with TF330 removed and playing off CD but workbench is fine on CF card and can play some games for maybe a minute before freeze. interesting the whload exit will take back to workbench.

sysinfo runs fine and AIBB, off the card and all was working before re-capp

Tried another TF330, PSU (both standard CD32 ones) and put my TF330 in another CD32 (not capped yet and was fine)

Anyone seen this issue before?

CD games with no TF installed play longer but also freeze.
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Re: Terriblefire Accelerators

Post by Tectron »

Are you positive that the caps were in the wrong way? They may be connected to a negative rail. I had a similar situation with my A1000 :shock:
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Re: Terriblefire Accelerators

Post by renster72 »

Interestingly, an IDE to SD card works not the IDE to CF....
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Re: Terriblefire Accelerators

Post by GadgetUK164 »

terriblefire wrote: Mon Feb 11, 2019 2:25 pm Recently I was attacked (I’m a total dipsh*t) for using “low quality” SMD rather than high quality “through hole”... just one example of the type of bullying I get where people want me to change what I do so they get what they want.

Clearly the person in question didn’t have the skill to solder SMD and sought to belittle me for their own shortcomings... But the sheer amount of this type of abuse is why I’m v abrupt with people thesesays when they ask for something i didn’t want to do.
LOL! It wasn't Hans Campbell by any chance was it?
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