MSTE PSU has 25V cap instead of 10V - safe to replace?

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Re: MSTE PSU has 25V cap instead of 10V - safe to replace?

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I do try and list the parts in my store to show they are correct, but if I mention higher voltages are safe, then I supply a lower voltage than the one the customer has taken out, then that "advice" is "wrong"... Plus parts I may supply may well be higher or lower voltages, so its always going to be confusing.

Its fine if people want to double check, that's a good thing.. but its not so simple to explain this in my store, and even if I write loads on it all, people never read the info anyway.

So yes, higher voltages are more than acceptable. Technology moves on, we get higher voltage ratings in small packages for example.

#clause 1 : cap voltages in my kits may well be lower voltage than the caps taken out of the PSU. Manufactures used multiple voltages. So values I supply may be higher or lower voltage than the removed cap.

#clause 2: Batches of kits may have different voltages than listed in my store or on my website. This is because of problems obtaining parts so alternatives have to be supplied, then info on my site or store may not be 100% correct to what is supplied.

#caluse 3: Info on my site should really be classed as guidance only, and really should be seen as out-dated information. Parts listed will probably never match what I sell in my store in the kits.

In time parts should be listed for the MSTE kit in my store, so I will try to keep that updated with current info.. but its not easy to keep track of when I am ordering countless parts each week for various projects. I do need to update info all over the site, but again time is not on my side. All my hardware guides - mods - games - STOS - All my hardware mods for sale - Please help support by making a purchase.
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