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Re: Desolder braid

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Thanks tzok, that Desoldering station is the way I will go eventually I think. Will add it to my Christmas list.
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Re: Desolder braid

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tzok wrote: Thu Sep 27, 2018 9:43 pm You should really forget about desoldering braid and desoldering pumps and get into the desoldering station, like ZD-915. Comfort of working with this is incomparable. For cleaning the pads you may still use the braid, together with RMA7 gel flux.
Second the ZD-915. Have one as well (see here: ... f=35&t=342) and it is really great. But you still need to be very carefull after having sucked away the solder, since the part can still stick to the copper due to small tin leftover. If you force the part out then you end up ripping off the copper layer. I recommend to wiggle the pins in their corresponding holes a little to make sure they are really loose. At some point they will make a click and be loose.
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