ST536 + ST RAM Upgrade?

All about the ST536 030 ST booster.
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ST536 + ST RAM Upgrade?

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Hello -

I'm about to pull the trigger on the ST536 for my 1040STf, and wondering if there are any use cases where it would still be helpful to have 4MB of ST RAM. I have the RAM upgrade board, just wondering if I should max out this STf completely, or save it for the next machine? I plan to run some flavor of MiNT, and will be using mostly ST compatible music programs.

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Re: ST536 + ST RAM Upgrade?

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For any applications that can run in fast-ram it won't be an issue, MiNT is only reliant on fast-ram really. It will just totally depend on some of your legacy apps and whether they require ST-RAM directly. So you'd probably want to research that aspect. I've heard that 1mb of ST-RAM is usually enough for 90 percent of the ST catalogue of programs.
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