Postal price increases 2024

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Postal price increases 2024

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I have just updated the shipping prices in the store as Royal mail updated prices this week. Overall it looks like everything has gone up around £1 again around EU and maybe £2 for USA areas. It is only a very rough outline I was taking much notice.

I have also removed the shipping by jiffy bag for overseas orders from the database. We rarely send jiffy bags overseas because they tend to get crushed. It is bad enough packing boxes to withstand the postal system, never mind jiffy bags. I only ever shipped low value items in jiffy bags. If the order was above something like £20 it would just automatically go to a box anyway. The price for a box over a jiffy was not that much more, maybe £1 kinda thing.

So in order to save myself a whole bunch of work updating the prices in the database, the overseas shipping by jiffy bag has totally been removed now. Things will just automatically be shipped in boxes. 99% of the time that was the case anyway.

I'm still shipping items in the UK which will fit in a jiffy bag currently. If someone just wants a connector strip or something then there is no real point in shipping it in a box. But again, it is very rare things get shipped in a jiffy bag anyway. All my hardware guides - mods - games - STOS - All my hardware mods for sale - Please help support by making a purchase.
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