Future H5 buyers & assembly

Information and progress towards the H5 board.

Future H5 build options

Bare PCB only - no parts
Generic SMT parts assembled (birdseed)
Bulk parts assembled (as they are sold now)
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Re: Future H5 buyers & assembly

Post by mikro »

@exxos ultimately it is your full right to do what do you find appropriate. But if it were me, I wouldn't worry too much about it. You can license it in a way that it forces everyone to state on the PCB something like "This is a modified version of Exxos Phenix board, no support will be provided by Exxos" or something (better worded) like that.

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Re: Future H5 buyers & assembly

Post by Chewbode »

Ah, man I was just served a huge portion of FOMO seeing these posts. I have a 1040STF that someone tried to perform an RAM upgrade on and cut a bunch of traces on the board. I've tried many time in vain to bodge the issues and get it fixed, to no avail. I would love to get an H4 or H5 and get that machine running again.
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Re: Future H5 buyers & assembly

Post by Dead_Cat »

After moving back home from living in Florida, my aunt said she was moving and I had some boxes in her basement..

My old Atari stuff!

I replaced the power supply for the 1040 but also have a badly hacked 520 system , I had really done a lot of damage as a teen with a cheap soldering iron . Id love to have a new board to tinker with as I wish to preserve my Atari unmodified. But I have a scsi hard disk and have to switch tos versions on boot to avoid data corruption from the original TOS.

In any case , if you do make more , ill certainly be ordering one.
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Re: Future H5 buyers & assembly

Post by exxos »

People can shout out if they are interested in one in this thread.

Though it's highly unlikely there will be a batch this year for various mentioned reasons. But I need at least 25 buyers to even consider doing a new batch. Thats more like 50 people as half will back out when it comes to coughing up the cash.

Don't get me wrong, I'm willing to do a new batch but the buyers have to be there before anything else.
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Re: Future H5 buyers & assembly

Post by officer960 »

I'd be interested in one (possibly two) if these are the virtually complete versions - I think it was just the rear ports, RAM, and some minor soldering that needs to be done by the end user? I wont attempt another "bird seed" version though; I simply ran out of steam on the one I started.
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Re: Future H5 buyers & assembly

Post by jasonfloyd »

I'd be interested in buying two in any buildout condition. I'd be interested in any existing boards people have that they aren't going to use as well.
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