Kickstart 3.2 custom with ehide.device

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Kickstart 3.2 custom with ehide.device

Post by thecaver99 »

I got my tf1230 128mb card and works great.
Does anyone have 3.2 roms with ehide.devuce built in or any info on how to create my own.
I have tried and made a 1200 rom with ehide.devixe that boots in winuae fine but when I split the rom for hi and lo to put to 27c400
They don't boot in my 1200.
Not sure what I'm doing wrong here, I have the tl866 programmer
I have tried byteswapped and just the remus splt images and I get a grey screen with the remus split but Notting with byteswapped.

Any help would be appreciated
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Re: Kickstart 3.2 custom with ehide.device

Post by Lamaman1971 »

Hi, I got a set of custom 3.2 ROMS from RetroPassion - as usual awesome folks to deal with - Id recommend them. Im using them right now on my TF1260 EHIDE and they work great. Probably should get an updated set though as I am sure the EHIDE device driver has updated since I last had these made up!

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