OPLxLPT adapter for ST/TT/F030

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Re: OPLxLPT adapter for ST/TT/F030

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Thanks! Indeed, a cart version would be best then. Another cool possibility (but I guess outside of the scope of your interest but still uber-cool from Atari perspective) would be to connect MT-32 Pi and whatever-OPL together -- the Pi would serve as sort of manager for both (I presume there isn't much work done on its side) but that would still require some sort of data lines from Atari. Unless one utilises a CosmosEx to it...okay, now I'm really dreaming. ;)
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Re: OPLxLPT adapter for ST/TT/F030

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I have something similar in pipeline. Midi player with opl instruments mapped to gm midi (Doom uses this schema for Adlib for instance, music is driven by midi data, I probably will integrate it in BadMood at some point, because it's not much work now). Opl chip could be mapped to one channel, another synth like mt32 mapped to another. Another possibility would be like in pokeymax, several chip cores (pokey/sid/opl..) exposed in memory map and accessible through common interface compatible with old pokey (there was some rumours about PokeyMax for ST (,but it should be rather YamahaMax ;), but idea just died because of chip shortage and development was rather expensive etc..). Anyway idea of exposing several chips on one device is also cool, but that's idea for another project I guess.
There is also one thing I can think of getting eg. opl4 or better chip, add memory to store wave table data, this was made for MSX at some point(https://www.msx.org/wiki/8bits4ever_MSX-Blaster_OPL4), but I would rather do something easier first. And you have to have some means to transfer wave table data somehow.
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