Falcon 030 external cartridge port issues

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Falcon 030 external cartridge port issues

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Stock Falcon 030 with FPU and 14Mb ram, Exxos NVRAM mod applied and PSU recapped with caps from Exxos.

I bought an USBee from CenturionTech recently and I'm having issues since day one. It works for a few seconds with an USB mouse and flash drive plugged in. But after a few seconds the mouse looses power and the flash drive stops working.

Assuming the USBee (with gold plated contacts, not the standard one) works, I guess the external cartridge connector has issues. I cleaned the connector with IPA and DeoxIT but no change. Might there be any other issues I should check for? I'm using the latest (NET)USBee drivers, correctly installed in AUTO as described in the manual.
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Re: Falcon 030 external cartridge port issues

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Really you should be asking CenturionTech for support.

But as others have found out many times with netusbee, there are many bugs in the design which people here are trying to solve. So likely people copying such bugged designs without proper testing will also have issues.
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Re: Falcon 030 external cartridge port issues

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All I can say is I also have a USBee (gold one) and it works flawless with my Falcon. Like Exxos says though, you should be speaking to Centuriontech about it. Could be an issue with your 5v on the PSU, USB is very sensitive to the 5v rail.
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