Curious Falcon CPU adapter

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Curious Falcon CPU adapter

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Hi all. I stumbled across this today. It's from a very old eBay auction that's long gone. I'm just a bit curious;

Atari-Falcon030-CPU-Adapter-mit-PGA-CPU-XC68030-16 (1).jpg
Atari-Falcon030-CPU-Adapter-mit-PGA-CPU-XC68030-16 (1).jpg (25.77 KiB) Viewed 338 times

I'm struggling to understand how this works at all without any decode logic. Any ideas?
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Re: Curious Falcon CPU adapter

Post by Badwolf »

Looks like a ROM replacement. Perhaps for a board with a removed CPU?

I can't see anything else on there to make it work, so I'd guess it needed a wire to the ROM4 line?

I bet the underside's the fun part!

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