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Thought it overdue for an update. I have managed to makes some progress but a mate has dumped a ton of Amiga's on my lap and bench space is at a premium. I managed to resuscitate three Amiga 2000's over the weekend only to have them blow a foo foo valve with a stuffed keyboard letting the magic smoke out. I planned to move them off the bench and get back to more important things, but alas. R914 went bango on two and I have two more that need corroded CPU sockets replaced. After that its a green screen 500 and a A3000 with issues.

I have a modern replacement motherboard coming for my 2600jr, looking forward to that one. Shouldn't take too long to get running. Famous last words....

I replaced the motherboard in my MegaST and gave it a meanwell. The RAM issues were pretty severe and a board popped up locally for a song so it was a no brainer. Just need to get a big button floppy for her and she will be apples. So now I have two working, a stock Mega and a Hot Rod Mega. MegaST's are cool but I feel a bit crippled without TOS 2.06.

The 130XE is on the back burner till I can get a modern board.

The MegaSTE is still a WIP but I need to get these other boxes off the bench to get back into it.

And finally, the ATX ST, can't get near it just yet either.

Hopefully in the next month I can chalk a couple more off. Onwards and upwards.
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