"Remember me" works only for a few days?

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Re: "Remember me" works only for a few days?

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mikro wrote: Wed Apr 03, 2024 6:11 pm Changing bookmark to exxosforum.co.uk also helped for me.
Cool. Yeah, if you was using the old exxoshost forum link, phpbb would not be able to deal with the cookies correctly. I guess the issue probably started a few weeks back when I stopped having the exxoshost to exxosforum as a redirect and just ran both domains as an alias instead. The login cookie wouldn't work across 2 domains for starters, but phpbb cookies are only for the exxosforum domain anyway.

I did look into that a bit more on the phpbb forums. I think others wanted to have multiple domains running the same forum, but nobody could really figure out why anyone would want to do that. I guess it would just be easier if it would just accept a IP address instead of a actual domain in the setup. Maybe that would work anyway, I don't know, but I am not going to start messing around with cookies :)
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