Turrican - MSX WIP5

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Turrican - MSX WIP5

Post by alexh »

I saw this somewhere else and thought the MSX users here might like it

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Re: Turrican - MSX WIP5

Post by Higgy »

That is cool especially as it seems to be on MSX 1.
Hopefully there will be a tape release or ability to convert the file as I only have tape loading on my HX-10.

Penguin Adventure is probably the best GFX game I have seen so far that shows the MSX 1 could kick Specify butt if not for all the lame ports that were usually done!
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Re: Turrican - MSX WIP5

Post by rubber_jonnie »

That is pretty damn impressive!

I'm going to have to check it out, especially as @Higgy said,it looks like MSX 1.

Very cool.
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Re: Turrican - MSX WIP5

Post by stephen_usher »

I hope that they release the source so that it can be ported to the MSX-alike systems such as the Einstein, Spectravideo and Memotech.
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